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This is a deck of invented occupations & off-kilter archetypes. Each is evoked on a single calling card, through a name, a description, and a list of tools of the trade. Together, the cards make up an oracle, with which to do with whatever you like.

I'll be expanding this deck over time, and eventually I plan to write little games specifically for use with it, but for now, its function is left to the imagination—both yours and mine.  You might draw cards to interpret your fate as judged by the figures in the deck, or to pick a role to slip into for a game, or to play matchmaker with imagined characters. If you find or create new ways to interact with the deck, I'd love to hear about it!

Version 0.2 contains 27 print-and-play cards as well as a brief guide to reading them.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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This deck is incredible and exactly what I needed today! I'm looking forward to using this in all sorts of games to quickly and easily develop or give character to NPCs.

It's a great idea, executed superbly!


the wordplay alone in these job descriptions is a delight. Looking forward to seeing how this is expanded & used! I hope you don't mind if I riff on some of these for tabletop or roleplay characters? (will DEFINITELY credit!)

I look forward to buying a copy and regenerating the community pool in the future.

Thanks so much, and go for it! They are absolutely intended to be a deck to pull characters to play from, among other things.


Y'know when something's so good you get mad? I got physically angry reading the descriptions for Shepherd's Crook and Badger and then I bought it about six seconds later. Here I am, seething over Ghost Writer and Boom Operator. Don't get me started on Skyscraper. 


Aaa! Thanks so much!!


This deck is daring, dauntless, and darling. I can't wait to seed many worlds with its wonders. Thank you!

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