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Six more weeks of winter. That’s what the alderman announced to the gathered crowd two days ago. The thing is, none of us groundhogs saw our shadows that morning when we woke from hibernation, we’re sure of it, and that means trouble. See, groundhogs don’t just predict the weather; we control it–maintain the seasonal balance of the world, with a little help from the humans of the High Council and their sacred scrolls, of course. But this year, the Council was full of unfamiliar faces, and when the Head Hog whispered in the Alderman’s ear, the fool went and read from the wrong scroll. Surely he merely hadn’t studied his groundhoggish well enough this year. Surely the Council would return so we could complete the ritual.

We waited, watching the sky as angry clouds gathered–a sign that we’d meddled with things in a big way, no doubt. We waited two days, and while we waited, we planned.

If the Council can’t be trusted, we’ll have to do this ourselves. We’ll journey across the railroad tracks and past the fox den to the Council’s secret lodge, break in, steal the scroll, and complete the ritual ourselves. The timing will have to be perfect, but we can do this. We have to, or who knows when winter would end.

Tonight’s the night. It’s time to save Spring.

Six More Weeks of Winter is a tabletop role-playing game by Abe Mendes intended for 4-5 people to play over one 2-4 hour session. Art by Amelia Miller. It was created for the Felonious Fauna 2k19 game jam. #ff2k19


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